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Branding Ijburg
Branding IJburg De Buurt In
Beeldenreeks BrandingIJburg1 Branding Ijburg Branding IJburg De Buurt In


Leerlingen bedenken Brandingcampagne voor IJburg

What makes IJburg special and how do we tell the rest of the city? Pupils of a secondary school collected the story of IJburg and presented their concepts for a promotional campaign for the area – consisting of a logo, an object and an intervention – to local stakeholers. The pupils’ idea for the harbour ‘harbouring romance’ received the first prize from the local alderman.

When: June – July 2012
Collaboration partners: Stadsdeel Amsterdam Oost, IJburgcollege
Jury: Gjalt de Vries – ondernemersvereniging IJburg, Natasja Zak – winkelstraatmanager Stadsdeel Oost, Edith Bronsveld – woningcorporatie Ymere, Karin Hoens – bewoner en gebiedspromotie centrum Zaandam en Debby Heuft – namens de haven.
Where: IJburg, Amsterdam