Placemakers carries out research on local stakeholders, patterns of use and the context of a location. During co-creation workshops we envision and develop the future of a space creatively and collectively.

Amsterdam Detours

Amsterdam Detours

By implementing three small scale spatial interventions, Placemakers researched to what extent and in what ways we may influence pedestrians’ route choices.

Workshop Kaloleni, Nairobi

Workshop Kaloleni, Nairobi

A workshop to co-determinea courses of action in the disinvested area of Kaloleni, Nairobi.

Making Cities Together #4 Minecraft Community Workshop

Making Cities Together #4 Minecraft community workshop

Using Minecraft as a tool to invite various groups into the design process of a ‘Model Street’ in Dandora, Nairobi.

Making Cities Together #3 Placemaking Design Lab Nairobi

Making Cities Together #3 Placemaking Design Lab Nairobi

Three teams of international and local experts along with local Placemaking initiators proposed strategies for Nairobi’s public spaces.

Social Context Mapping Workshops

Social Context Mapping Workshops

The ‘Social Context Mapping’ workshops aim to visualise urban areas by presenting ‘hard’ and ‘soft data.

Walk Of Fame

Walk of Fame

Children make tiles of footsteps, creating their own ‘walk of fame’ through the neighborhood.

Branding IJburg

Branding IJburg

Secondary school students collect the story of IJburg and present their concepts for a promotional campaign to local stakeholders.

Scale Models Podium Waterlandplein

Scale models Podium Waterlandplein

Bredero College students carried out neighborhood research and integrated the collected data into designs for the pilot podium.

Junior Consultants

Junior Consultants

Four students from the Casa400 student housing complex were hired to advise on the future development of the Eenhoorngebied in the east of Amsterdam.

Idea Competition

Idea Competition

Local youth were asked to think of temporary uses of Zeeburgereiland for the summer.

Placemaking App

Placemaking app

Discover and (place)make the most out of your location by communicating with people nearby with the Placemakers ‘discovery app’!

Signs On The Wall

Signs on the wall

Organisation of a visualised brainstorm, by using the courtyard walls as a canvas for ideas.



Make local wishes and ideas immediately visible with ‘wish-finding signs’.

Voucher – Vote For Your Neighborhood Intervention

Voucher – vote for your neighborhood intervention

To involve the residents and extract local wishes, Placemakers distributed voting vouchers.

Project Space ‘Activating Urban Voids’

Project Space 'Activating Urban Voids'

Placemakers is host and organiser of ‘Project Space’, a week to stimulate knowledge exchange among European studios.

Color Compass

Color compass

On the world map of the ‘Kleurenkompas’ everyone can tell their own story. The map brings memories of exotic homelands to life in the hallway of a large appartment block.

Postcards For The Mayor

Postcards for the mayor

In Cluj (Romania) we sent postcards to the mayor with inspiring ideas for (temporary) use of a former industral site.

Workshop Festive Street Lighting For The Jan Eef

Workshop Festive Street Lighting for the Jan Eef

Placemakers organised a workshop to co-develop locally supported ideas for the festive lighting scheme on the Jan Evertsenstraat.

Research Report Jantje Beton

Research report Jantje Beton

Research on a network of play that was co-developed by children, Jantje Beton, the local municipality and other parties.

Placemaking Inspiration Leaflet

Placemaking inspiration leaflet

Placemakers stimulates the formation of ideas during workshops for project team Nobelhorst, a.o. by assembling inspirational placemaking examples in a leaflet.

#PLACE-MAT Lunch Lectures

#PLACE-MAT lunch lectures

Experts from the field give a variety of presentations over lunch, place mats stimulate the audience to think along.

Social Context Mapping

Social Context Mapping

The Sociale Context Map is a digital tool that visualises socio-spatial location research quickly and easily.

Research Report De Buurtcamping

Research report De Buurtcamping

Placemakers’ research shows that despite the growth – from one to three to seven campings – De Buurtcamping still complies to its main societal principles.

Research Reports Benches Collective

Research reports Benches Collective

Placemakers researched Benches Collective (BankjesCollectief), an initiative that allows residents to ‘open’ a bench on their sidewalk for neighbors, passersby and other visitors.

Making Cities Together #1 Inventory Placemaking In Nairobi

Making Cities Together #1 Inventory Placemaking in Nairobi

Placemakers inventorizes and analyzes existing Placemaking initiatieves in Nairobi

Workshop Belgrade SCAPES:LAB

Workshop Belgrade SCAPES:LAB

Placemakers participated in the exchange programme Belgrade.SCAPES:LAB / I Think BG in Serbia’s capital. Placemakers organised a workshop on ‘Social Context Mapping’.