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Day 02 // Theory & references for effective urban action

De Doetank: reflections on how citizens experience their neighbourhood @Nieuwendam Noord

De Doetank team, an Amsterdam based research and action company, guides the groups deep into Nieuwendam-Noord and presents its  experience and methodology on working to motivate citizens to care for their common and urban voids. Their name speaks for them: it is about researching but mainly about doing. Two of the young researchers live in the area and they explained how a local approach can work to create active communities.

 Lunch lecture Youth and the city @Modestraat

Coen Van Heteren shares his insights on how to involve and work with young people. After many years of experience in Amsterdam Oost, he makes his point: be real and honest. His approach is all about involving the youngster in the process of making and let them be responsible for their own actions.

How to translate best practices into a design concept @Modestraat

The afternoon in the Modestraat is dense and inspiring. The team is now divided into two groups working on practical and meaningful solutions for the last action day.

Further inspirations: Giulia Maci with Miguel Cuellar and Sven van Oosten @ARCAM

Daniela Patti and Bahanur Nasya present how Wonderland has been created and how it supports young architects in Europe. Giulia Maci and Miguel Cuellar explain the methodology behind ‘Designing for Surici’, a project for the improvement of urban voids in the historical centre of the Turkish city of Diyarbakir. Sven van Oosten from Artgineering presents the urban plan Zuidpool as a concrete development of the local infrastructure network in Rotterdam South.

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