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Day 3// #urbanvoids: Design & co-creation

After two intensive days of lectures and tours the group has gained a lot of useful information. They learned about the needs, seen the problems and heard what different groups would like in this neighbourhood. On the basis of this information the group can start doing what they do best, designing.

Because of the Dutch weather it is soon decided that it should have a roof, and be a shelter for the people on the street. From the tour by the students on the first day, the group has learned about their need for a place to meet each other. They combine these two needs and decided on building a house for encounter.

The construction part is now taken care of. The group divides in two groups, the construction group and the function group. The construction group goes on discussing about the possibilities of material, the function group decided on what should be the function of the house. The house will be a place where people can show their opinion on what they would like to see and what would they like to do or see when there will be a stage. They can show this by choosing symbols – from ballet to bingo – and pin them on the wall of the house.

The students of the Bredero Lyceum arrive to help creating the shelter. They are in charts of building the house and making the symbols. It is a long but inspiring day and everybody is looking forward to the intervention tomorrow!

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