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Day 4// Last day – Action day!

The students and architects are starting bright and early to finish constructing the house. Applause rises when the house stands on his four feed! They are ready to go and talk to people on the Waterlandplein.

Walking to the square with the house generates a lot of attention and even the weather is on our side. People are instantly curious of what happens in the house and are willing to give their opinion. When the house comes back from it’s trip to the Waterlandplein, it looks bright of all the different symbols hanging on the wall. It was a great success and we have gained a lot of information about the needs and wishes of the residents.

After a quick lunch the group starts preparing the final event of the project space; presenting the house, the intervention and the process the group has gone through. The Modestraat is being transformed into a little museum where people can walk pass objects and images that represent the different days of the week. 

When everybody is arrived, a little presentation is given and attendees get the opportunity to react and ask questions. It triggered discussion about the usefulness of these interventions and the role of the government in this process. This Project Space can be seen as a kick-off for the pilot-stage project Waterlandplein. In any case the colourful temporary house will stay with us not only as nice memory but also as a good working tool to generate input from the neighbourhood.

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