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Cycling With Placemakers' Naomi

Cycling with Placemakers' Naomi

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The blog Cycling with is on a mission to film 100 inspiring persons on their bikes, while telling their story in order to show the whole world how easy and fun and a bike ride is. They believe that by showing this social side of cycling, bike use will increase and cities will become better places to live in. In this edition Naomi – architect and placemaker – tells about architecture and society.

Already in university, it struck her how constructional aspects of architecture studies were omnipresent, whilst social aspects of housing were barely taken into account. During her career as an architect, Naomi has steadily moved away from construction, focussing instead on social projects in the urban space. While taking the bike ferry to Amsterdam-North Naomi takes us to the local community project she developed with Placemakers: erecting a wooden stage in a park – for music, dance and art.

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