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Placemakers Welcomes Fatuma Abdi Tari

Placemakers welcomes Fatuma Abdi Tari

Placemakers welcomes Fatuma Abdi Tari. Fatuma is a student of Urban Design and Development at the Technical University of Kenya. She joins Placemakers as an intern to contribute to the implementation of the Making Cities Together project in Dandora, Nairobi.

Fatuma is a public space enthusiast and is strongly motivated by the underuse of public spaces in the city: “Public spaces in Nairobi are not optimally used to bring out their full potential.”  Moreover, she is passionate about small and meaningful change. “After hearing about the Dandora project, I wanted to be part of the change that’s taking place.”

Fatuma was actively involved in the building parties, a placemaking approach, to create the Model Street in co-creation with the local community. During the parties, she took part in leading the community in participating in various activities. The MCT team together with the local community planted trees, painted facades, sew party flags and shared  lunch together in the Mustard seed garden. “My role was to engage women in a workshop. With my local understanding, practical and enthusiastic approach, I organised 3 successful workshops involving women from the neighbourhood. I encouraged and motivated community members in volunteering and having a good time while doing so.”

Fatuma also endeavors to gather information about the impact of the project so far, according to the local communities. Information was gathered through questionnaires, interviews as well as informal conversations with the community members. Analysis of the information obtained enables us to learn from the weak and strong points of the participatory process while perpetuating an optimal placemaking process.

Next to the Making Cities Together project she also works on the theoretical part of placemaking. Ultimately, she intends to pull together a set of tools for placemaking in emerging countries.

Placemakers is really happy with her enthusiastic contribution. Welcome, Fatuma!

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