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Presentation Körber Foundation Hamburg

Presentation Körber Foundation Hamburg

Our society is becoming increasingly colourful and diversified and its impact is tangible in our cities, municipalities and villages. The diversity of cultures and styles of life becomes more common; we are on our way to so called ‘superdiverse cities’. The Körber Foundation organized a symposium in order to discuss demographic change: when will we stop talking about “majorities” and “minorities”? Placemakers was invited to talk about De Buurtcamping as an innovative ‘best practice’ where people of various ages, cultures and soci-economic backgrounds participate.

Together with the public, selected experts from both science and practice discussed about diversity: What is the meaning of integration by mutual adaptation? And what are the values ​​of our increasingly heterogeneous society. We learned letures by a.o. Prof. Dr. Hacı Halil Uslucan, from national examples ‘on the ground’ like Multakea: who uses museums as a meeting point with refugees and from abroad – and from international cities of diversity, like the Mescladis photography project. Moreover there was a Keynote-Rap of German hiphop artist Samy DeLuxe.

Together with Douwe Veenstra, director of Stadspas, Placemakers did a workshop with the German participants, mainly civil servants from the region. How would they create a diverse campsite in their own communities? We received many requests for ‘exporting’ the concept De Buurtcamping to Germany. We would love to help people to organize their ‘own’ campsites. The coming time we are going to search for people and financing in Germany, so we can provide international enthusiasts with help and information on a more structural basis. It would be great if we can create a basis to help German people and cities to organise camp sites with and for their own community. In case you know people, organizations and foundations that could be of any help, please let us know. 

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Pictures: Körber-Stiftung/André Wagenzik.



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