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“You get to know your neighbor better by camping next to him for three days than by living next to him for three years!”[translated]

Custodian Buurtcamping 2014

De Buurtcamping

Placemakers is co-initiator of ‘De Buurtcamping’ (the Neighborhood Campsite); a convivial camping in an urban park, temporarily inhabited by the variety of residents of the neighborhood. From young urban professionals to the homeless or ‘permanent park residents’, from newborns to seniors. Everyone is welcome to set up camp and help organize De Buurtcamping and all of its activities. A core team consists of local ‘custodians’, working along hundreds of volunteers/campers, local entrepreneurs and organizations. The main objectives of De Buurtcamping are to strengthen local social cohesion, to be accessible and inclusive to all, to introduce residents to local organizations and to stimulate the use of the city park.

Upon an initiative of Roderik Schaepman (RDDept) De Buurtcamping started in 2013 and has grown to include 35 campings in the summer of 2019. Last year, De Buurtcamping took place in different parcs in Amsterdam and Utrecht. There were also campsites in Almere, Apeldoorn, The Hague, Groningen, Haarlem, Haulerwijk, Kampen, Leiden, Nieuwegein, Nijmegen en Tilburg.

Visit the website of De Buurtcamping
Organize a ‘Buurtcamping’ in your own park or join a team? Contact us!

When: 2013 – ongoing
Board: Walter Groenen, Harmen van Doorn and Anita Groenink
Funding: Stichting Doen, Oranjefonds, DioraphteVSBfonds and regional/local funds
Collaboration partners: municipalities, Loxam, Bosjuweel, Waternet, Drukmakers, Notariskantoor Spier & Hazenberg, De Perslijst, Facebook Workplace, Peerby, Voor je Buurt, Stadspas, U-pas, Vrienden van de Parken, de Witte Raaf, de Voedselbank, Dutchband, de Regenboog, Salto FM, Echo, BankjesCollectief, de Deelkelder, Tante Leen and local police, fire and medical services. 

Read More On The Dedicated Website
Read more on the dedicated website
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