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Placemat Lunchlezingen
Placemat Lunchlezingen
Placemat Lunchlezingen

“Thanks to their knowledge of Placemaking and their large network, Placemakers managed to consistently find surprising and interesting speakers.” [translated]

Barbara Sluimers
FLX, Ymere


#01 Placemaking & Tijdelijk Ruimtegebruik – [Temp.architecture, Tom Bergevoet en Maarten van Tuijl]
#02 Placemaking & Social Media – [The Mobile City, Michiel de Lange]
#03 Placemaking & Zelfbouw – [Alisei ONG (IT), Mara Pellizzari]
#04 Placemaking & Social Green – [Urbaniahoeven, Debra Solomon]
#05 Placemaking & Stad van de Toekomst – [Generatie IK en VPRO Dorst, Boris van Hoytema, Mischa Woutersen, Katusha Sol]
#06 Placemaking & Crowdsourcing – [Studio Weave (UK), Je Ahn, Maria Smith]
#07 Placemaking & Wijkvaluta – [Qoin, Sander de Rijke en Buurtpoject, Feye van Olden]
#08 Placemaking & Zelforganisatie in kaart – [Cloudcollective, Gerjan Streng en Mark van der Net]
#09 Placemaking & Serious Gaming – [Play the City, Jacob Buitenkant]
#10 Placemaking & Tokyo – [Monnik, Christiaan Fruneaux]

PLACE-MAT lunch lectures

Over lunch, experts give presentations on a variety of present-day topics such as crowdfunding, urban agriculture or temporary spaces. Placemakers creates a place mat that introduces the topics, speakers and presents a number of statements for the interdisciplinary group to discuss. The #PLACE-MAT lunch lectures stimulate the exchange of ideas about topical social and spatial issues in an informal setting. Placemakers moderates the discussion, assembles and analyzes the poll results and feeds them back to the organization.

When: 2012 – 2013
Commissioner: Concept development department FLX, Ymere

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