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Placemaking for a new neighborhood

In the years to come, a huge tract of land in the east of Amsterdam is to be developed into a lively urban neighborhood: the Sluisbuurt. With ‘Sluisbuurt Stroomt’, Placemakers is collaborating with the Amsterdam municipality to gradually activate this area through placemaking. By starting with this activation at an early development stage, the neighborhood will come to life and have a local function well ahead of the first buildings. 

There will be space for various initiatives in the coming 10 to 15 years. Residents, entrepeneurs and organisations that want to turn this vast empty land into a lively, connected and green area are welcome to apply from the end of 2019 onwards. 

Read more on Placemaking in the Sluisbuurt on the website of the Amsterdam municipality.


When: 2018-2028
Where: Sluisbuurt, Amsterdam
Client: Municipality of Amsterdam

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