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The PLACE-MAT lunch lecture series are fit for: 

  • employees of urban development organizations and (local) government
  • employees of locally oriented welfare organizations
  • academic departments 
  • urban development project groups 

Interested in this lecture series? Placemakers is very willing to discuss custom content and possibilities depending on the size of your group, available time and budget. PLACE-MAT can include catering.
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PLACE-MAT lunch lecture series
Use your lunch breaks for thematic lectures and polling

PLACE-MAT is a lunch lecture series for an exchange of professional and creative ideas. Placemakers curates a set of thematic hours in which inspiring lecturers – both external and from the Placemakers team –  introduce topics and questions that are relevant to the organisation. 

While participants enjoy their lunch, various experts are invited to share their vision, apply this to a selected case, and present a number of polling questions. During 4 to 8 lunch sessions, PLACE-MAT creates a space for a casual exchange of experiences, lessons and ideas.  The series covers topics that directly apply to the organisation, but also brings in cases and fields that appear unrelated.

Placemakers curates the speakers programme, moderates the conversation and collects the poll results – to be fed back into the organization.

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