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Photography by Placemakers and Marlise Steeman

Stimulating talents at Gerbrandy park

As part of a larger placemaking project in the west of Amsterdam, Placemakers is doing research and organizing programming at the Gerbrandy park. The goal is to develop a sustainable programme for the park, stimulating liveliness and local ownership, by collaborating with local residents and talents. During the first stages of our research we have met wonderful people with each their own talent. Placemakers has stimulated their further development, for example Amarantha is now a tennis teacher, while the Circuskaravaan provides circus workshops for children from the neighborhood.

As an experiment we started ‘Gerbrandy’s End of Summer’ events (Gerbandy’s Nazomer): five local cultural programmers developed a show full of local talents such as musicians and spoken word artists, including food and drinks catering by home chefs and Circuskaravaan workshops. During these events, Placemakers collects stories, connects people and helps the community grow. Together, we will develop longer term plans for the park.

Check our  Facebook page for upcoming events at Gerbrandy park!


When: July – November 2020
Where: Gerbrandypark, Amsterdam Nieuw-West
Municipality of Amsterdam, Nieuw-West District
Collaboration partners: Fouad Lakbir and De StadmakersCoöperatie  

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