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Green space for local initiatives

Buurthaven is located at a beautifully green spot in the middle of a quickly changing city. Placemakers was commissioned to fill it in with the social initiatives of local residents and organisations. The goal of Buurthaven is to connect different users and visitors of the neighborhood, in addition to contributing to the future plans for the larger Sixhaven area. 

Buurthaven sits next to a well used canal lock and crossway for cyclists and pedestrians and has long been a storage site for the newly developed Noord/Zuid metro line. The Amsterdam municipality is opening the site for the neighborhood until the end of 2021. Buurthaven hosts a number of long term  initiatives, from a dog park to a neighborhood garden, joined by activities for an afternoon or day. 

For this project Placemakers gathers local project initiatiors, coordinates the programme and supports residents during the setup and implementation of their ideas and plans, aswell as in the maintenance of the site.  

Today, the initiatives are running independently. Please contact the local municipal representative for more information. Read more about the project on the website of Buurthaven:


When: 2019-2022
Where: Sixhaven, Amsterdam North

Client: Municipality of Amsterdam (Stadsdeel Noord)

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