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| Right below you: bomb shelters from the Cold War |
|”Right above you: Light, air and space |

With the project ‘WeesperWolken’ ,Placemakers offers a view from within the metro station Weesperplein in Amsterdam onto the clouds, buildings, tram lines, cyclists and trees right above. Air photography brings metro travellers in touch with the ‘world above’ and highlights the unique identity of the neighborhood, despite the station looking like any other departure hall of the city. he photography is applied to panels hanging from the ceiling of main hall, once meant to be tables for use in the bomb shelters underneath the station. The work creates a sense of connection and space, while at the same time giving attention to this historic feature of the station. In collaboration with GVB, Placemakers aims to improve the experience of metro travellers across Amsterdam. Also have a look at the project WOO! Windows of Opportunity‘ in metro station Waterlooplein.

Photography opening: Marlise Steeman

When: 2016
Commissioner: GVB Amsterdam
Collaboration partner: Mr. Picture (Roderik Rotting)
Where: Metro station Weesperplein

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