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“The jury praises this design proposal’s strong conceptual approah. At first glance, the project looks radical because to the rigorous fencing, but the opposite is true. The design team builds on existing structures. The oasis also gives the plan a strong poetical side.”

Europan 15 Jury Report 

Density and space in Rottterdam

Placemakers joined Team Brainpark and is glad to have contributed to the winning porposal for Europan 15. Europan is a european design competition for young architects. Led by Keizer Koopmans and joined by experts from various disciplines, the team developed a proposal for the transformation of Rotterdam business park Brainpark I. 

The plan mixes high density with an enormous central park and extensive water management strategy. Ground floors serve a public function and the park is surrounded by small pavillions for neighborhood activities. The Europan jury found both realism and imagination in the proposal – in terms of its (landscape) architecture, zoning plan, sustainability strategy and attention to the social function of the area.


When : 2019
Collaborative partners: Keizer Koopmans (lead), Lieke de Jong (contributor), Douwe Strating (contributor)

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