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Documentary & screenings Amsterdam North

Buurtpraat or ‘Neighborhood talks’ is a new tool to capture neighborhoods and organize conversation amongst its residents.  

Placemakers made a documentary about two typical Amsterdam North neighborhoods; Tuindorp Nieuwendam and Blauwe Zand. Various residents present their personal observations of neighborhood identity and change. Interestingly, we find many commonalities in terms of needs and wishes for the neighborhood’s development. The film screening, followed by a moderated conversation based on statements made in the short documentary, affirmed this finding. 

Buurtpraat is an interesting new solution for organizations – in this case municipal government – that strive to reach, engage with and understand residents.

When : 2018-2019
Where: Tuindorp Nieuwendam and Blauwe Zand, Amsterdam Noord
Client: Gemeente Amsterdam Stadsdeel Noord

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