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Podium for and from the neighborhood

With students of a school, a creative space and a range of (cultural) local organizations, Placemakers worked to develop a pilot-podium preceding the permanent podium to be placed on the Waterlandplein (Amsterdam North). To jumpstart the interest in the permanent podium Placemakers co-created the design, building and programming of the pilot stage, in order to involve the neighborhood and giving a stage to local young talents.

The students of the Bredero College carried out a social and spatial research of the Waterlandplein neighborhood – through observations, question forms and interviews. The wishes from neighborhood were incorporated into the design; the podium has a catwalk for design from de Modestraat, a roof for the musicians of the music school and the shape of a house to respond to the vocalized need for more conviviality in the neighborhood.

The festive opening was followed by a large number of performances organized by residents, local organizations and citizen initiatives. The podium serves as a platform for the neighborhood to connect talent development, interaction and collaboration. As a pilot, this project is a predecessor and important source of input for the development and programming of the permanent podium in the renewed public space.

When: October 2012 – June 2013
Collaboration partners: De Modestraat, Bredero Lyceum, Ymere, Stadsdeel Amsterdam Noord, Muziekschool Amsterdam Noord, Dockzz, Combiwel, Openbare Bibliotheek and Studio ICW
Design implementation: Splinters (Sander Borsje), interior design BLISS
Where: Waterlandplein, Amsterdam-Noord

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